Humane Bird Removal

Birds are generally very sweet and cute and have many beautiful colors. According to the researches of several experts there are about 10,000 species of birds all around the world. But despite this birds could be annoying and disturbing at some times. They don't intend to attack humans but they could cause a lot of damage to our property and various other things. Along with building nests on trees, they would also build them in your homes at any place they found appropriate for it. They also pollute humans’ surroundings with littering everywhere. Also, they are very noisy and it is one of the most irritating factors about them. Even though they could be annoying at times, you should never harm them and go for several humane measures to keep them away.

Humane Bird Removal:

Various humane ways of removing birds from your surroundings may include:

  • Hanging up aluminum foil strips around your yard as it would scare away the birds with its reflection.
  • Removing any of the bucket or dish which they could use to get food and water.
  • Putting barriers or deterrents on the places that could be used by them to build their nests, it could be done by blocking or properly covering all of the open holes of your houses.
  • Using bird spikes could also be effective to get rid of birds but you can’t use them on ledges or chimneys.
  • Using scarecrows in your fields to protect them for being destroyed by birds is another humane way of removing them.
  • Using various non-poisonous repellent sprays could also work against birds to get rid of them.
  • Remove any nest building materials from your surroundings immediately so the birds would not be able to make their roosting at your place and fly somewhere else.

Further, if you have birds' nest at your place where they have laid their eggs or the babies are so small so you must wait for the eggs to be hatched and the babies to be grown enough to fly away.


Birds are loved and adored by many people because of their cuteness. Generally they never intend to harm humans but at times birds like crows, eagles, goose or owls could attack humans if being threatened or for snatching their food. Most of the destruction that they could be responsible for would include; spoiling our yards or gardens and spoiling your crops etc. There are many ways to get rid of them but however one of the most deadly ways is by giving them poison or shooting them by gun or attacking them in any other way. It is one of the most dangerous things you could do to get rid of any animal, doing this will not just be cruel but it is also against the law. Other than this, there are many humane ways to get rid of birds. It should be assured that we follow safe ways to get rid of birds so that their lives would not be wasted.

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