How to tell the difference between a baby rat and a baby mouse


Both the rats and mice are the rodents from the family Muridae. Although, these creatures seem to be quite similar, but there are some factors based on which they vary from each other. Besides the several differences among them, many people fail to identify those differences and may consider them as the same. Though, the most common similarity they possess is to be equally disastrous to humans and their belongings. If you ever come to have any mice or rats in your houses or at your workplaces, it will surely lead you towards several damages. They will vandalize your property or objects inside it through their sharp teeth with the consent to search their food and could create a mess out of your place by spreading their feces everywhere and could also possibly transfer various diseases. In order to avoid them you should know the variations among them so that you will properly find effective ways to get rid of them.

A baby rat:

Rats are commonly known all around the world as baby-making machines. A female rat has the ability to give birth to around 2000 babies in a year. Before the birth of these babies, the adult rats build nests for them in several places such as underground, in the hollow trees, in rotten boxes, in garbage bins or even in the secret holes in your houses. When a baby rat is born, it is only six to eight grams in weight and around 3.8 centimeters in length. They commonly have a life span of around two to three years. It takes about three months for a baby rat to grow enough to be able to reproduce. They will have very light and thin fur on their bodies until five to six days of their birth.

A baby mouse:

Mice have the ability to give birth to a dozen babies every three weeks. Baby mice are blind, deaf and featherless till the first week of their birth. After one week of their birth their ears, eyesight and hair are developed. In five to six weeks of their births, whether it is a male or female mouse, they become ready for breeding. A baby mouse may be one inch long when it is born and they may grow till seven inches, in weight they would be from 0.5 to 1 ounce.

Final thoughts:

There could be many times when you mistakenly consider the mouse and a rat as the same animals, but there exist various differences among them. Most of the time we come with the mistake of identifying a baby rat as an adult mouse. It is because we know that the mice are smaller than the rats but there are many other differences to categorize these two creatures separately. A baby rat will have a large head and feet in comparison to their body while a baby mouse would have the opposite. Although they are mistakenly considered the same, but only a single detailed look at them can specify their variations clearly.

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